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KISMET (2024)
Documentary Short
Directed by Everett Ravens

          A beautifully moving short, focused on a group of teenagers spending a few weeks at the summer camp in the New Hampshire mountains. The program offers kids with limited resources a break from the distractions of their environment - to reconnect with nature and themselves.  
           We wanted to create titles that carried the seriousness of the conversations but also the freeness of youth in nature. We decided to hand-paint the main titles - an unpolished look to reflect human-touch and  authentic care, reminiscent of youthfulness, formative years and summer-camps. A typeface with height and high crossbars and arms to reflect a sense of demand to be taken serious - as well as reflecting the height of the rockfaces, mountains, and obstacles the kids climb. 
               lWe used the same idea when creating the name titles for each of the characters. We wanted to animate them progressing from fast and free, to more calculated and refined, while still keeping the hand-painted qualities. And even further refined with a sharper edge for the lower thirds. Credits too with a mix of rounder and taller fonts to contrast. 

This film is currently on the festival circuit - be sure to keep an eye out for it!


Coney Island Cousins (2024)
Narrative Feature-Film
Directed by Alfred Padilla

          A New York story - adventure through Queens and family issues. Award-winning film coming to streaming soon. 
         We created a fun light graphic for this film -  the neon reflects the glow of Coney Island and New York in at large. A feminine dark-comedy that is constantly on the move - we came to this bubble-gum pink and blue with a classic and more handwritten script to create this modern, yet retro effect. 

Bacon 'N' Laces (2023)
Documentary Short
Directed by Stephen Michael Simon

The life of John, a visually impaired single man who runs a diner with his three sons.

        Our goal was to have the titles reflect the character and key elements of the story. 

        Illustrating his collection of shoes, perfumes, and common items from diners encapsulated some of the most memorable parts of the story. 
        We also needed to create content for aspects of the story that were not filmed. We created this aesthetic, by mixing the crude human touch of children's drawings and used a check pad from a diner to composite the drawings on - generating a visual that feels right at home with the rest of the documentary. 
Bacon 'N' Laces found massive success winning multiple awards on the festival circuit, as well as, being acquired by The New Yorker - where it premiered with an accompanying article on the film and its subject.

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