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SUPERCELL- 7 Artists, 7 Murals

        SUPERCELL and The Endless Co. created an innovative experience to engage the game’s fans beyond traditional social media.


        We commissioned seven renowned street artists to paint murals in cities like New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Videos were captured and composited into one 360 video art experience.


        Viewers fly through a city inspired by iconic urban environments, encountering timelapses of the colorful murals being painted and hearing artist interviews projected onto billboards, at bus stops, and in store windows.

Also created short social docs for each artist and their mural. See Recap and breakdown video for more. 

Featuring Artists:



Lauren YS



Mister Thoms

James Ellis


YSL Beauty - Global Campaigns

          YSL Beauty created this brilliant global social networking campaign - It took place during Coachella in 2019. YSL hired HK CORP, a London-based production company-  to produce 3 unique commercials, using influencers from around the world, to model and perform the same video. We did just that - Since all the models and influencers were going to be at Coachella - it would be a perfect time. 

         15 beautiful people came filing in to the set - one by one with similar lighting, they performed similar poses. The directors were shooting the same shots. The next day, the same thing - although completely different direction, vibe, style, location, product, everything. 

         When it came to the edit - we would work on one - to find the right timing with the music and product shots. Once approved - I would go through each of the influencer's, picking similar shots - and slipping them into place, timed just as the first. Although - it's not as simple as it sounds, since they moved at different speeds and the camera was handheld - there were of adjustments.

         3 spots x 15 influencers = 45 deliverables -there were multiple revisions. Some going up to version 12. Countries included USA, Italy, France, Germany, Korea, Japan, China and more. 

Touché Eclat, Waterstain and Glitter

          Edit, color, VFX by Jordan Kuyper.

Concept Korea - NYFW Shows

Created custom projection mapped backdrops for three Korean brands, Leyii, Iise, and LIE. 

Using different types of abstract-storytelling, using the doorways the models enter and exit from as a basis for focal points, but needing to fill the whole wall at times.

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