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Have you ever wished there was more moshing in the movies? 

More thrashing in the theater? More 'fightin' the man' while film-going?

Now you can!

METAL DIRECTORS grants you the ability to rock metal/punk shirts of your favorite directors, closing the gap between elevated cinema and hardcore punk.


Movies Should be More Metal.


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. One stop on the winding road of cathartic need to blend passions, while attempting an educated statment, and almost-satire - into confused amusement. By taking the love I have for life-changing films, filmmakers and mashing it with the boisterous blackmetal aesthetic, I created something familiar - yet more confusing, the longer examined. Playing with the nonsensical bravado of certain metal and hardcore scenes, the epidemic of current political figures chanting 'this should be more that'  I liked the tagline, "Movies Should be More Metal." This fed our social media campaign - taking iconic scene from the directors and making a hard-cut right at a key moment, to a darker desaturated color scheme, heavy metal soundtrack and random explosions, of course. There's something interesting about a yearning to alter existing material to suit ones preferences, regardless of what those are. My concept's found a nice home; sandwiched between profound admiration for serious art and absurdist humor.  J




      This is it - the Full Black Metal Stanley Kubrick portrait - the perfect piece for film lovers with an edge.   

      Enough said, put this on and get ready to thrash!


   The metal Yasujiro Ozu is here! Movies should be more metal and filmmakers should wear more corpse paint.

      Let out your wildside and thrash with our latest creation,  Metal  Yasujiro Ozu!

    Perfect for the filmmaker metalhead in your life - lets rock!



         Federico Fellini if he was a black metal crust punk! Here you can celebrate the dark side of cinema with our latest hardcore portrait.                                                                         Movies should be more metal and we cant leave the master of Italian cinema out of it! Hardcore Fellini to the rescue!


       The Metal Quentin Tarantino is here! A director with a true vision, although now the vision is metal!                   

       Enjoy the destruction with this graphic on T-Shirts, stickers & more - You're a fan of his films, but are you still a fan when he goes metal?! 

Tarantino 2.png


       Simplified, elegant, chaotic - these are just some of the words to describe the works of Metal Directors and Sophia Coppola's non-collaboration.           

       The Metal Sophia Coppola - get yours today, everyone needs one!


        The Metal Director himself - John Carpenter is the latest to join our collection. It doesn't get any more metal than this!                   

      Compared to some of our other juxtapositions this one hits the nail on the head! or the head with the nail!

carpenter 2.png


         The Metal Greta Gerwig is here! Ever wish that Greta Gerwig's films were just slightly more metal? Close your eyes and imagine....

         Now open them! It's real! Here she is in all her gothic glory - Stay tuned for more!


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