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Free educational zine with a focus toward cycling and activism. 

Be radical - Ride your bike. 

For physical copies or downloadable .pdfs - reach out!

Process & product shots:

. Created as a response to the governmental climate crisis non-action, increased activism and an avid love for cycling - the Cynic Cyclist was born. Given out for free at art shows, zine fairs, punk gigs, bike shops and more - intended to educate and motivate the aging youth of a healthy sport that one can do for longevity - and as radical activism against those who look away at times of hardships, take the easy route of taking an Uber or driving their personal car.                            It may seem like we have a small impact - but slowly but surely, numbers add up and we can make a difference.  J

The Cynic Cyclist Issue #01

The first edition! This one is probably the least organized - put out quickly with a sense of urgency - this was a project that I needed to start and starting meant getting out the door ASAP. Filled with some fun facts - motivational messages and some questionably legal activism. 


The Cynic Cyclist Issue #02

"The Crash Issue" - This one highlights the dangerous side of cycling - featuring some crashes and how to avoid them. Bumping into cars is all too common in NYC - everyone should know how to handle a crash. Also includes fun stories from out-of-run newspapers about cyclist altercations. 


The Cynic Cyclist Issue #03

""The Lost Issue" - speaks to the concepts of being lost vs. getting lost - no better way to get lost than to keep riding! Life is an adventure - and a bike can help you traverse the unknown, at speed! Includes a scavenger hunt, background on Bicycle Day and a list of Bike NYC resources if you do not want to get lost. 


The Cynic Cyclist Issue #04

"The Friendship Issue" - a less serious issue - all about the importance of hanging out with your friends - includes things to do with your friends, motivational messages, NYC bike infrastructure updates 

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