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Brooklyn based post-production creative. 

Video & Film Editor.

Animation. Motion Graphics. Color. Finishing. 
Illustration. Paint. Mixed-Media. 

Jordan Kuyper grew up making films with friends, earned a BA in Cinema Art + Sciences and was launched into high-end commercial work as a Vault Manager and Assistant Editor for Red Car and Wildchild, where he was taken under the wing by seasoned mentors.


He has been freelance editing / post-producing / creating motion graphics since 2013 for a variety of agencies and in collaboration with studios. Most of his experience lies in music videos, fashion films, social media, and animation, however recently diving into more documentary work.

Recently, he wrapped up an 8-part docu-series, Origins of Hip-Hop, Tuesday nights on A&E as an assistant finishing editor, and has had animations featured in the documentary Bacon 'N' Laces premiered on The New Yorker Magazine. 

He is currently working as an Assistant Editor on his next feature documentary.

Jordan Kuyper IMDB

Origins of Hip-Hop on A&E

Bacon 'n' Laces on The New Yorker


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